We are on a mission to empower conscious founders

to build trust-based self-organised teams,

on purpose.




The majority (64% Gallup 2020; 70% Instant Print study 2021.) of companies have toxic cultures. The pandemic has amplified this growing trend. Inside those companies there is no enthusiasm, an intense fear of failure, gossip, focus on egocentric wins, constant dysfunction & drama, and a high turnover (the good people leave first). Toxic Cultures are the #1 driver for the 'Great Resignation', as well as for founders to leave their own company.


It's time to reimagine how we work. A paradigm based on trust, autonomy and regeneration. Control is not matching the current consciousness of people anymore. The system is breaking. A record number of people are resigning, burning out, or just doing the bare minimum (quiet quitting). People feel trapped, stressed, and limited by the way they are being controlled inside organisations.


Culture is always a reflection of its leadership, past or present. In toxic cultures people act from a place of fear, and disconnection (ego). In thriving people act from love, and interdependence (purpose).

Work should be a place where we connect, develop, thrive, and create positive ripple effects. Not a place where we feed stress, burnouts, bore-outs, and other harmful ripples. 

We believe most people are good. They can just be stuck sometimes in an ego mode (old habits, stories & beliefs). Simply put, the road to toxic cultures (hell) is paved with good intentions. And it can be turned around.


If people are generally good, then why aren't our companies run & designed that way? 

A place with ego-free, self-aware, energized, purpose-driven founders who set the tone. Who balance ambition and taking care of themselves first. Who is connected to their inner wisdom & leads from an emerging future. Who inspire towards a purposeful mission, and who share the wins with the teams. Where progress is measured in smart & meaningful ways. 

A place where transparency & honesty abide. Touch conversations are not avoided. Where assumptions are shredded by asking simple questions. Where people are wise, compassionate, bold and their authentic selves. Where feedback is the driving wheel for business and personal growth

A place where people are being trusted, and thus given the autonomy & freedom to make shit happen

A place where people can be themselves

on purpose.

Below we have simply depicted what's to gain, and how to get started to reimagine organisation & leadership. 



When people have the customer at heart, and the freedom to act in a way that will benefit both the customer, as well as the company, everybody wins. So simple. Unfortunately in most companies, people are more occupied with avoiding doing something wrong in the eyes of their boss. Making them more & more apathetic, risk-averse, and stressed. Science shows that people make short-term stupid decisions in those states of being. Companies like Buurtzorg, Favi, Semco and many more have proven for 10+ years that these company principles & design are not only better for people, but also for business.



Founders often start their companies with a vision. To do things differently. Not only towards their clients, but also as a place to work. To be the boss of their own agendas. Once the company starts to grow this vision becomes harder to keep reality. Founders get sucked into the daily operation again & again. Trying to control it all. Culture gets shitty. Founders feel drained & stuck. Their team feels unable to access their full potential, unfree & even unsafe. When you let go of fear, and control, space arises to feel free. Feeling free is a basic human need everyone strives for in their lives. Feeling free to take action, to act in alignment with their values. Free from fears, and limiting beliefs. Especially for founders freedom is often a core value. Feeling free will benefit productivity, as well as retention of people, as well as founders. Plus it enables founders to work ON their companies versus IN their companies. 


The environment founders operate in nowadays is Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA). Knowing it all, overseeing it all, controlling it all, it's an illusion. Through our approach, we invite founders to lead more from the heart, rather than an already overburdened mind.  To consciously make time for stillness, reflection, and meditation. To ask for advice. To set up decision-making frameworks in alignment with these principles. To be connected to your inner wisdom & lead from an emerging future. 



Founders are often the limiting factor in the company's growth, with the best intentions. Their limiting beliefs are holding themselves and the company back. By growing in awareness, as well as designing the company in a way that gives space for people to take action and make smarter decisions, opportunities for growth arise. When you have winning teams chasing a mission autonomously the sky is the limit. Room to scale with limited overhead. 



Research shows that over 73% of startup employees get burnout. This number can drop drastically. People love to be part of a company where they feel free, safe, meaningful & impactful. Trust-based companies expect people are good, and give them ownership & freedom to match. To not be like a dull, toxic corporate. To be free. Have fun. Keep it simple. Human. Facilitating the team to develop themselves on-the-job, get out of their comfort zone again & again, make an impact and share wins with a solid reward system. 



Professionals who do the job every day, know their field of expertise, and talk to customers, often know best what can or should be improved in order to serve the customer better, or make their work easier. As a result, trust-based companies have a high-performing teams who are continuously innovating their approaches, products, services, and systems. 


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When you are part of the problem, you are part of the solution.

The ON PURPOSE STUDIO invites conscious founders who want to be better leaders & build better organisations. 




We build programs that foster internal awareness and that empower people to shift insights into transformational daily habits & actions. To unlearn habits, beliefs & stories driven by your ego (fear) and create space to be your bold, wise, kind, authentic self


We apply an integrated approach with leadership teachings from:  

  • Ancient wisdom: Buddhism, Taoism, Ayurveda.

  • Modern Science: Psychology, Behavioural Sciences, Systemic Thinking. 

  • Nature: Nature's laws, rhythms, and Indigenous Peoples.









28.DAYS JOURNEY to unlearn habits, beliefs & stories driven by your ego (fear) and create space to be your bold, wise, kind, authentic self

An integrated approach with leadership teachings from:  

  • Ancient wisdom: Buddhism, Taoism, Ayurveda.

  • Modern Science: Psychology, Behavioural Sciences, Systemic Thinking. 

  • Nature: Nature's laws, rhythms, and Indigenous Peoples.

They are structured into insightful stories & practical exercises:

 1 theme, 1 story, 1 exercise per day for 28.DAYS. (30 min max.)

The journey is structured upon our proven Conscious Change Loop:

  • 7.DAYS of observing how you breathe, think, feel, act, and talk. 

  • 7.DAYS of understanding why you are wired the way you are.

  • 7.DAYS of choosing to rewrite your stories, habits & beliefs. 

  • 7.DAYS of creating positive ripple effects inside & around you.


The program is aligned with the moon cycle, 28.DAYS in total. It starts & ends on the New Moon, with setting your intention. Symbolising new beginnings. We let go of the old during the Full Moon. Making space for the new. The program invites you to align with this natural rhythm.




 You'll receive the 10 pages PDF (for free) by email. 


The daily rush. The noise. The doubt. Contradicting thoughts. Old habits that don't serve you anymore. Keeping yourself in the loop.


Sometimes you need a break. To regroup with yourself. To lower the noise around you & inside your head. To make space to listen to your inner wisdom.


To connect with the energy of the Full Moon to let go of what no longer serves you, and make space for the new. On purpose.


In this magical retreat in the Algarve, Portugal we set the conditions to reconnect with your true nature.


While staying at the 50-hectare permaculture farm, and eco-retreat location Quinta Alma you will sleep amongst the trees, rise with the sun, practice daily yoga & meditation, embodiment practices, workshops, local nourishing food (intermittent fasting), silent walks by the coast, journaling exercises, and sharing with like-minded around the fire.


Limited Spots! Only 18 in total.




After Founders have completed the 28.DAYS Program to grow in awareness and unlearn habits, stories & beliefs holding them back, the next step is to take action that will ripple over into their team


Because every startup or scale-up is different and at a different level, facing different challenges (based on their leadership), we have a customised approach here. We always start with a diagnosis and sesses on the following building blocks of a trust-based company:

  • Shared & meaningful Purpose  

  • Primary Work Process to deliver value 

  • Living Core Values - compass for how we work

  • Resolve cultural bottlenecks 

  • Problem-solving techniques 

  • Dialogue techniques 

  • Psychological safety 

  • Organizational Architecture (limit hierarchy & decentralized decision-making)

  • Team formation, roles & responsibilities

  • Ownership reward relation 

  • Measure value, not time (OKR's) 

  • Continuous Feedback loops

 We provide the above through workshops with senior & certified experts from our team. 


Ok. So a lot to be gained. Which areas can evolve and in what order?

We use the four quadrant model of Integral Theory of Philosopher and Psychologist Ken Wilber because it provides a comprehensive overview of the four main areas of influence when to comes to organizational change. 

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Do you want to see if this is for you?

Or do you h
ave questions you want to clarify before booking?

Or do you want to discuss a customised approach for your team?

Plan a free 1-1 call (15min) with founder & facilitator Carlijn to discuss it in person. 

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23.NOV.2022 NEW MOON.


  • 1x 1-1 session before you start (60min)

  • 28 daily themes, stories & exercises. 

  • 6 recorded workshops (15min)

  • 12 guided meditations

  • 6 live group sessions (60min)

  • 12 unique transformational  tools

  • 1 WhatsApp group with all members

€ 675

  • incl.  On Purpose Fundamentals self-paced 10 modules course (3 hrs of workshops + 3 self-assessments)

  • Additional 1-1 sessions (60min) are bookable after booking program. 

  • Only 12 spots in total. 

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Signup for our waiting list & stay updated.  

THE 28.DAYS ON PURPOSE PERSONAL LEADERSHIP JOURNEY  is a 6-week immersive, holistic program for leaders, founders & changemakers who want to unlearn their ego modes and shift toxic cultures at work.


The next one starts on:



“I am so busy, maybe I won’t have time to do this.”

To be honest, the busier you are, the more valuable this program will be to you. Nevertheless, we know you have many responsibilities, that’s why we set up the program super simple & practical way, so you only need to invest 20 minutes per day, that will benefit you that day directly.

“I am worried I will lose motivation?”
Sticking with new habits is tough. It takes 21 days to start a new habit. That’s why you do this program on your own but within a group. Plus we send you daily reminders via Whatsapp, and there is a weekly live session as well as a short weekly reflection (just 2 questions) to push you to stay on top.

“Who has joined the program so far, is it for me?”

If you are a conscious founder who wants to reimgine leadership and your company? If you want to design your day, versus drown in your day? If you feel you are stuck in loops of thoughts, habits & beliefs holding you back? If you want to create positive ripple effects for yourself, others & nature? Then this is for you. 

They range from founders with 5-150 FTE. Who have a solid product-market fit &  revenue stream. Who are growing, but experiencing roadblocks within themselves or the company culture. 

Our clients are not ‘boxed’ by age, industry or region. Why? 

Because the dreams, challenges & questions we touch upon are universal. Fears, limiting beliefs & emotional reactions that are in our way, are human nature. As well as our urge to make a difference, to make the world around us a bit better. Realizing we are all so similar & sharing that, is the added value of our Tribe.

“It’s only 28 days, how much impact can it have?”

It is short, yet intense & transformational by its setup. Because of the Conscious Change Method a lot shifts in how you feel & how you see the world. We have the testimonials proving it. Because we don’t want you to feel rushed, you will be able to gain access to all the daily themes, exercises, tools & meditations until 3 months after your program ended.

“I don’t like ‘woohoo’ spiritual stuff, or am unfamiliar with meditation, is it for me?”
YES YES YES! We feel exactly the same! We are open to the magical, but we keep it practical, and back it up with science. Plus, Elena’s meditations easily guide you like no other!

“Is it worth the money? What if I get disappointed?”

We want you to get the most of the program. Through hands-on experience, we understand what drives people & how to give nudges & inspiration to stick with it. 


Our program has received amazing testimonials and on average our participants rate the program an 8.9 out of 10. Plus the measurable impact it has made after 3 months like breaking toxic habits & addictions or making that bold next move. 

Therefore we feel confident to give you a 100% refund guarantee, in case you are disappointed with the program.


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