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How often have you done things because it felt you were supposed to? Said something, not because you meant it, but because you didn't want to hurt the other person, or just wanted be accepted or liked or get your way or avoid a discussion?

How much are others expectations affecting your thoughts & actions? What you consume? How you look? What you own? The job you have?

The key question we can all ask ourselves is “for who do we do it?”

Why does it matter to you? How do you feel in the process? (not only about the result)

What is your intention? Is it driven by your purpose (love), or is it driven by your ego (fear)?

Fear of rejection, of not being good enough, not being valued or liked? Or to control, to prove, to have more than others?

When you can answer the question “why you do it?” with “to get closer to being my authentic self & causing positive ripple effects around me” then you are #free.

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