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Painful to some, but true for many. I know this from my own experience and seeing it around me. Common traits of an entrepreneur are relentless drive, "ok, then I'll do it myself", and huge commitment to achieve their goals no matter what.

Often they (incl. myself in the past) have only 2 gears in leading their team:

1. Fully in control (micro-managing)

2. Fully uninvolved ("Go figure it the f. out")

At the ON.PURPOSE STUDIO we empower leaders to get out of their own way. To learn & unlearn habits & rituals to be bigger than your ego, break limiting beliefs, and take care of yourself first.

Because with a healthy body, clear mind, and open heart, it's much easier to respond wisely, in each moment.

We won't teach you how to be a better manager, but we will help you to develop habits to be a more conscious, authentic, connected, and energized person. To be ON.

A better you, means a better company, period.

Does this resonate with you?

Check out our 28 days online program.

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