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Meanwhile, many of us are depressed, burned-out, overweight, overworked, addicted, bulimic, hyperactive, lonely.. Caught up in the rush, on autopilot-mode.

Let’s be honest. We’re not doing “Great”. And our Quick fixes aren't working.

We boost our energy with caffeine. We calm our minds with ritalin & sleeping pills. We numb ourselves with whatever... (social media, work, alcohol, sex, drugs) We reach out to guru’s, therapists & doctors to ‘fix’ us. Without (lasting) results.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not judging or pointing the finger. We’re all part of the system we created. Change starts with taking responsibility for ourselves. How we feel, How we live. To pause. To zoom in & truly see ourselves in different ways to understand & accept where we are. To use those insights for lasting change from within.

To zoom out to understand how our beliefs, thoughts, words, habits & actions are not only affecting each decision, action & reaction. Not only influencing ourselves, but also everything around us.

To become aware of those ripple effects we create. To dare to dream. And then, to intentionally choose which ripple effects to set in motion.


Making time to reflect, think, read, connect the dots, just be & breathe is much more related to achieving your goals than we often realise.

Just a kind reminder that a full agenda is not a good KPI & that guarding your energy is key.

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