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We invite you on a journey back to your true self, to your true nature.

To remember who you are & let go of who you are not.


Since 2020 we have been creating positive ripple effects through our online 28.DAYS Journeys, and now it’s time for a retreat in nature

We invite you to heaven on earth, in Portugal, to embody all the teachings of ON. PURPOSE.

Who are you without a title?
What is the true essence of your being?

What drives you? Fear or Trust?

What brings you joy?

What are the stories you tell yourself?

Are you connected to your heart or guided by an overburdened mind?

Do you act, listen, speak and resolve conflicts authentically & intentionally? 


During this 5 days and 4 nights retreat, during the full moon, we will gather in ceremonies, in sacred circles, to embody the truth, and follow nature’s rhythm. 


With ancient rituals, full moon ceremonies, archetypical practices, yoga, breathwork and meditation, we will re-connect with our bodies, our hearts and our truth. Our true nature. 


We will feel the polarities of feminine and masculine energy inside of us, but also, in the way we connect with each other. As well as polarities of fear & trust. Brave & avoidant. Joy & numbness. 


This unbecoming retreat will remind you how to live simple, in nature, how to make a fire, wake up with the sunrise and do moon & forest baths.


To pause, to be in touch with yourself, to eat nourishing food, to sleep amongst the trees, to sit around a fire, to move, to dance, to feel, to just be.


We welcome old members of ON. PURPOSE,  but also new ones who want to practice being on purpose, and becoming part of our tribe.



  • 5 days & 4 nights 

  • At an ecological retreat location

  • Algarve, Portugal 

  • 8-18 participants 

  • vegan, local, bio meals & drinks included 

  • sleep in beautiful safari tents & wooden cabins

  • daily guided yoga, breathwork, and meditations

  • ancient rituals & practices, full moon ceremony. 

  • rise & sleep with the sun. intermittent fasting. 

  • daily walks & movement to process it all

  • 1 day permaculture course optional (€70 extra)

  • massages optional (€50-80 extra)

** Excluding flight ticket to Faro (1,5hrs) or Lisbon airport (3hrs)
** Airport transport optional

€1275 excl. VAT 


In our society, many have become more comfortable in the mind, than in our body. The ratio is leading. The knowing, understanding, the logic. 

When it comes to transformation, it happens through embodiment. When we connect with our emotions, sensations, triggers. Because traumas (big & small) are stored in our physical body. Release happens when we observe, feel, accept, and thus create inner space to let go

Elena has design sets of powerful embodiment practices to experience during this retreat. 

Picnic in nature

Many of us who live a busy city life feel disconnected from nature. They see nature as something you visit. 

This retreat we invite you to emerge in nature. Sleep with fresh forest air, under the trees. Spend the whole day surrounded by green. By life.

We often forget WE ARE NATUREBy reconnecting with nature, we reconnect with ourselves. 

To nourish that fact, during this retreat we align with nature's rhythms. The full moon. Rise with the sun. Breathe. Grounding. Eat twice a day. Sleep after sunset. Get enough sun, shade, fresh air, water, and nutrients just like a plant



When we feel stressed, drained, rushed, and distracted it's hard to hear our inner voice.


Inner noise can range from a busy mind, negative thoughts, feelings of anxiety, irritation or even hyperactivity & excitement.

Food can cause inner noise as well. Sugars, alcohol, gluten (also sugars), or processed food with lots of artificial flavours & colouring can agitate or stress our physical body. These sensations in the body trigger negative thoughts, as our mind tries to make sense of how we are feeling. 

That's why the 3rd principle of this retreat is to lower our inner noise by eating pure & light foods, intermittent fasting (eat 2x p/day), sleeping with the sun, breathwork, meditation, yoga, walking, and journaling. 

To create a sense of inner calm, so our heart's wisdom can be heard more easily & clearly. 


This retreat starts on the Full Moon of October. The Full Moon pulls the water up. Inside ourselves, it brings to the surface what is holding us back or what our hearts most desire.

We will share a ceremony together to connect with this energy of the moon, and Elena will guide us to bring to surface whatever wants to arise inside you. 

An ancient ritual that deepens our connection to nature, ourselves & each other. 



Sharing circles is an age-old tradition in human history. Gathering around a fire, sharing stories. 

We learn by listening, we heal by sharing. It helps us realise we are facing similar challenges, and that we are connected. 

Gathering in circles fosters our sense of belonging. An innate human feeling we all long for. To be accepted. To be part of something bigger than just ourselves. 

During this retreat we gather to share stories, practices, meals, fires, walks, and silence.  

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Quinta Alma is a private and intimate natural ecological retreat farm. It is the result of Joana and Mario’s passion and their vision for an inspiring and relaxing experience in glamorous handmade safari shelters and getting inspired by the amazing local natural landscape.


Quinta Alma is a magical place, totally off-grid and hidden in the mountains of Monchique but right next to Aljezur, in Algarve’s Atlantic coast.

Quinta Alma is located in a 45-hectare land of wild and beautiful nature, but just 10 minutes driving from some of the most amazing beaches in Europe.


Quinta Alma is a growing organic farm. Here we are eager to try and share permaculture and natural building experiences, in total harmony with Nature. It is a place for those that want to have a close yet comfortable experience with the natural elements.

We offer nourishing food from our gardens. Vegan, homegrown, and biological. Every day fresh. Prepared with love.

We believe that the inner and outer beauty of nature inspires the human soul and cherishes the heart. That's why we call this place Quinta Alma a special place: a house where each one's soul can expand and feel inspired.

food-temple-sacred-moments 2.jpeg

We have made spirituality practical: meaning how to live more from purpose (love) and less from ego (fear). 

It's about practising qualities that pull you from the mind into the heart, back into the present moment, so you are aware & your thoughts, actions & beliefs are on purpose.  

Throughout this retreat we will focus on practising 1 or more of these 6 'heart' qualities to be fully present.

These qualities are key attributes of conscious, purpose-driven leaders and exactly what the world needs. 


enable heart-brain coherency


loving-kindness & acceptance in action 


being in service & mindful of consumptions


beginners mind, imagination & curiosity 


when you are in flow & intuitive learning


face your fears & follow your heart



09 OCT - 13 OCT 2022

€1275 excl. VAT.