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Updated: Aug 12, 2020

At the ON.PURPOSE STUDIO we strive to make spirituality practical. Spirituality is a broad term and can be quite vague, so what do we mean by it?” To us it's something like this:

If I see myself not as myself, but as a tool that could be of value to the world.

Then I would want to better understand that tool, its strengths, its weaknesses, when it's at its best & when at its worst. To make sure that the tool has enough fuel. To stay open & curious to continuously develop my tool. To be intentional about its actions & do the things that fuel the tool.

Instead of seeing myself as my name, my ego, and worry about the past or future, get stuck in proving myself, competing, wanting to fit in, being afraid to open up & share what's really on my mind & in my heart. To try & protect me from getting hurt, emotionally, and minimising the risk at all costs.

All these beliefs & thoughts of my ego hold me back.

All the time.

To us, #spirituality is about daily habits & rituals of reconnection.

Connecting to yourself, others & everything around us.

To move beyond the thoughts & beliefs of our ego.

To observe, accept & empower ourselves as a tool for positive impact.

From making someone smile, to changing the world.

That doesn't matter.

That's up to you.

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