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Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Exactly 3 years ago, I phoned my former boss: “I can't do it anymore.” It was so hard for me to admit, I thought I was unstoppable.

The 6 months leading up to that point existed of: 80hr work weeks, no time with friends & family, no exercise or meditation, 5hr nights, and a broken relationship as I was always working.

I had set up the 2nd Innovation Booster office in Europe. I felt responsible for my team & dedicated to achieve the set goals, I pushed myself beyond my limits.

Until I received this text: “I know you're my boss & it's none of my business, but, are you ok?”. May sound strange, but suddenly I realised, I wasn’t.

I didn't quit, but I learned to ask for help & to take care of myself first. I set boundaries, for me, instead of more goals for the company. I created my 'anchors': inexcusable habits & routines to guard my energy.

As a wise man said: “If you are not at your best, so is your company. Be selfish, take care of yourself first. That's the loyal thing to do.”

I am grateful I've learned another way to be successful. To be driven, but more present, calm, & sharp. To achieve more in less time.

And most importantly, to protect the radiant energy I have, because it is contagious, and I had fully underestimated that weapon to success.

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