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The Shoshone had no systems for preserving & storing food, minerals, or things. There was no function, nor desire, to accumulate surplus food & possessions. It would perish, or weigh you down while moving. There was no meaning to “having”.

On the contrary, the highest status act was to give what they had in excess. Generosity was how one achieved social status.

What can we learn from an ancient Native American Tribe like the Shoshone?

Can we redefine our definition of success, of “having” wealth, possessions & control? What really matters? What makes us happy?

Stanford University research shows only 10% of our happiness is influenced by our circumstances (finances, living conditions, health).

40% is influenced by our mindset, our relations, our acts of gratitude, kindness & generosity.

It’s scientifically proven our current definition of success won’t make us happy.

It doesn’t matter how much we have.

It matters how we make others feel.

It matters if we are meaningful.

It matters how much we can give, independent of what we have.

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